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Welcome to "Study Aides Online." We have provided all enrolled students a series of practice exams and lessons to use in preparation for their State Licensing examinations. You will need a valid User Name and Password to access each exam or lesson. You should have received these after enrolling. If you haven't got yours or have forgotten it please email .

The practice exams are intended to be just that, practice exams. We do not claim or guarantee that by using these preparation tests that you will pass. The practice examinations are designed to be a supplement study tool only. You should have a firm foundation of knowledge from your classes. These practice tests are for your use in "staying sharp" until your test date. Use them over and over as a learning method. Do not use these tests with the intent of memorizing answers... use them to learn.

The lessons are designed to assist the Pre-Licensee prepare for a career in the Insurance field as well as assist in passing the State of California exam. The lessons are composed of the essential concepts to support the subjects taken in the formal classroom environment.

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Should you need assistance be sure to contact the on-line instructor by clicking on Class Help.


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Life Exam - I

Life Exam - II

Life Exam - III


Property Casualty Exam


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Life/Health Insurance


Lesson #1 - Purpose of Life and Health Insurance

Lesson #2 - The Insurance Industry

Lesson #3 - Law and the Insurance Contract

Lesson #4 - Life Insurance Policies

Lesson #5 - Life Insurance Policy Provisions, Options, Riders

Lesson #6 - Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Lesson #7 - Life Insurance Premiums and Proceeds

Lesson #8 - Life Insurance Underwriting and Policy Issue

Lesson #9 - Group Life Insurance

Lesson #10 - Purpose and Function of Annuities

Lesson #11 - Purpose of Social Security

Lesson #12 - Retirement Plan Basics

Lesson #13 - Uses of Life Insurance

Lesson #14 - Introduction to Health Insurance

Lesson #15 - Health Insurance Providers

Lesson #16 - Medical Expense Insurance

Lesson #17 - Disability Income Insurance

Lesson #18 - Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Lesson #19 - Senior Health Insurance Plans

Lesson #20 - Health Insurance Underwriting and Premiums

Lesson #21 - LTC Basics

Lesson #22 - Medicare Supplement Policy Basics

Lesson #23 - Health Policy Provisions


SERIES 6 and 63



Lesson #24 - 63 Basics

Lesson #25 - Equity Securities

Lesson #26 - Debt/Bonds

Lesson #27 - Corporate Securities

Lesson #28 - U.S. Government, Agency and Municipal Securities

Lesson #29 - Money Market Securities and Interest Rates

Lesson #30 - Issuing Securities

Lesson #31 - Trading Securities

Lesson #32 - Client Accounts

Lesson #33 - Brokerage Office Procedures

Lesson #34 - Economics

Lesson #35 - Taxation and Investment Recommendations

Lesson #36 - Investment Companies/ Mutual Funds

Lesson #37 - Retirement Planning Considerations

Lesson #38 - U.S. Government and State Rules/ Regulations

Lesson #39 - SEC, NASD and SRO Rules and Regulations



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