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Agent Development Institute (ADI) is an educational services firm dedicated to bringing the insurance professional superior educational programs and products.

ADI is the parent of two highly effective firms, iies (Internet Insurance Educational Services) and " (Continuing Education store).

iies will supply the insurance professional a vastly superior set of courses that will teach and inform. The main function of iies ( is to provide an effective website in which to enroll in the various courses ADI presents to the insurance field. Individuals may "enroll on-line" in a variety of courses: 52 Hour Pre-license classes, Series 6,7,26,63,65,66 or CE Seminar classes held near you. If you are an enrolled student with ADI, you may access our website’s "practice exams" to stay sharp. You may wish to "chat" on-line with one of our knowledgeable instructors... this can all be done through the "" website!

"" is rapidly becoming a leader in Continuing Education for the insurance professional. Our website provides the licensee with a huge selection of continuing education courses from all the major publishers! Our volume contracts allow the licensee BIG SAVINGS! Our popular "Continuing Education Reminder Services" (C.E.R.S.) Program will help keep you from ever being late with your CE hours requirement... and out of that "last minute panic!" "The CE CLUB" is another ADI exclusive! When you join the C.E.R.S. Program you are immediately enrolled as a CE CLUB member. As a member of the CE CLUB you will receive a number of FREE services to make you more effective and professional in the marketplace!

ADI has a mission to provide the insurance professional with highly effective services. The services provided will enhance the insurance professional’s knowledge and skill level. The long term result will benefit not only the licensed agents and their respective companies but the buying public as well.



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